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Education Specialist (EDSP) Credential

In California, a person studying to be a special education teacher will work toward obtaining an Education Specialist (EDSP) credential. 这个证书允许你教各种科目的学生K-22. CUI学生获得轻度中等支持需求证书, which includes specific learning disabilities, mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, other health impairment, serious emotional disturbance, 授权在K-12年级和主要为22岁以下的成年人组织的班级提供服务.  有关此凭据的信息可在 CTC website.

CUI's Liberal Studies 该专业是加州基础科目准备(ESM)课程的一部分. Therefore, CUI students in this major who pursue the Multiple Subject credential will not be required to take the California Subject Examination Test (CSET).

如果你想在中学(6-12年级)教授特殊教育, 有些学区还会要求你获得a Single Subject credential in the specific content area. 这可以在获得初步EDSP证书后完成.

Credential coursework can be done as part of your undergraduate degree, 这意味着你可以同时完成学士学位和证书. 一些大学将其作为“混合”课程. We think it is just good sense. It will take 4, 4.5年,或者5年,这取决于你成为一名教师的速度.

如果你想在路德教会学校教书,你可以申请 Lutheran Teacher Certificate through Concordia University. 这可以通过你的本科专业和证书课程来完成.

教师教育项目的录取分为两部分. 你必须首先通过 University Admissions application process. A separate application for the School of Education 会在你开始入门教育课程后完成吗.

加利福尼亚州要求所有教师资格证书的候选人完成并通过 state approved tests 无论你上哪所学校,认证前都要进行评估. 康考迪亚大学的通识教育专业将为你准备这些考试.

Student Teaching and Placements for EDSP Candidates.

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  • Graphic Design Emphasis
  • 24 Units
  • ARTG 261: Graphic Design I
  • 3

这个工作室艺术课程将给学生介绍平面设计的研究, 因为他们接触到了视觉传达的历史, typography, advertising, and learn how to identify the elements and principles of design by creating image and text related projects. 学生还将开发使用扫描数字技术的技能, typographic adjustments, vector drawing, exporting, and printing. Class fee: $50. This course is offered every spring semester.

  • ARTG 270: Digital Publishing
  • 3

In this course students will develop page layout skills utilizing composition and typographic principles while learning to use Adobe InDesign and the creation of images in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, including text to produce flyers, posters, newsletters, magazines, brochures, calendars, etc. Class fee: $50. This course is offered every spring semester.

  • ARTG 271: Digital Image Manipulation
  • 3

学生将在本课程中熟练使用Adobe Photoshop, including its applications in graphic design, advertising, web design, animation, and multimedia. Examination of the ways in which complex ideas and messages can be interpreted and represented in visual form will also be included. Class fee: $50. This course is offered every fall semester.

  • ARTG 272: Digital Illustration
  • 3

In this course students will acquire type manipulation and digital illustration skills through exercises, demonstrations, 以及使用Adobe Illustrator的实际作业, including the development of an individualized artistic process to produce digital illustrations that convey specific messages. Class fee: $50. This course is offered every fall semester.

  • ARTG 300: History of Graphic Design
  • 3

This survey course will examine the history of graphic design as students gain a broader understanding of how design affects and is affected by the culture; identify individual illustrators, designers, and artists; and recognize specific styles and movements. This course is offered every spring semester. Class fee: $50. Prerequisite: ARTG 261 or consent of instructor.

  • ARTG 360: Typography I
  • 3

This course will give a historical overview of type and typographic technologies that will introduce students to the formal qualities of different typefaces and teach them to use type as an expressive communication tool. 这是任何希望与印刷文字交流的人的必修课程. Class fee: $50. This class is offered every fall semester. Prerequisite: ARTG 261 or consent of the instructor.

  • ARTG 361: Graphic Design II
  • 3

学生将制作强调美学的中级设计项目, the theory of design, and the relationship between text and image in this course including the development of digital imaging and layout skills using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. A portion of this course will be devoted to a service learning assignment creating design projects for a nonprofit organization within the community. Class fee: $50. This course is offered every fall semester. Prerequisite: ARTG 261.

  • ARTG 461: Graphic Design III
  • 3

This course will allow students to complete advanced graphic design projects to fill gaps in their portfolios, emphasizing their preparation to become professional graphic designers through the production of strong portfolios that can be used to gain internships or employment. Class fee: $50. This course is offered every spring semester. Prerequisite: ARTG 361.

Current students, please note: The requirements listed here may not reflect the most current courses for this major and may not be the requirements for the catalog year you are following to complete your major. Please refer to the Academic Catalog 对于官方要求,你必须符合资格获得学位.

Student Teaching and Placements

学生教学是证书项目的最高体验. 这是一整个学期(18周)的两个教室的全日制体验。. 一般来说,秋季学生教学结束于1月中旬,春季学生教学结束于6月中旬. Education Specialist candidates will have two student teaching placements in different EDSP settings.

Learn more about Student Teaching and Placements for EDSP Candidates.


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